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  • Black & White Photo Art

    Black & White Photo Art

    We stopped by our photographer Lisa Olsson in her home in Stockholm to talk about her new mini collection Aligned With The Sea.

  • Meet Michaela Wissén

    Meet Michaela Wissén

    Why is Michaela Wissén always shooting analogue on holidays? And what would she have done if she didn’t work as a photographer? We decided to find out!

  • At Susanne Holmsäter

    At Susanne Holmsäter

    Susanne Holmsäter welcomes us to her one-bedroom apartment on Södermalm in Stockholm with wooded walls and stained glass windows, designed by famous Swedish architect Ragnar Östberg

  • Meet Niklas Porter

    Meet Niklas Porter

    We sat down with our photographer Niklas Porter to talk analogue photography and why he’s not looking for the “perfect” motifs.

  • At Fanny Ekstrand

    At Fanny Ekstrand

    Fanny Ekstrand is a girl with many strings to her bow. For Moutife, she opened the doors of her three-room apartment in Södermalm, Stockholm.

  • Some thoughts on our different presentations

    Some thoughts on our different presentations

    Love the classic look of a white, crisp passe-partout around your favourite photo? Or maybe you’re of the opinion that bigger is better and that the subject should fill the entire frame?

  • High Quality Photo Art – Our prints

    High Quality Photo Art – Our prints

    Our “elevator pitch” — or business idea, if you will — is to provide accessible photo art without compromising on quality. But what does that really mean?

  • Meet Rami Hanna

    Meet Rami Hanna

    Fashion photographer and co-founder of Moutife, Rami Hanna, tells us how he got his start in the industry.

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