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Our “elevator pitch” — or our business idea, if you will — is to provide accessible photo art without ever compromising on quality. Exactly what that means, from image resolution to what printers we use in our production, you can immerse yourself in with this article.

All of our prints are sold exclusively at Moutife. And thus, you can be confident that you are buying a unique product. We currently offer prints from our Open Edition collection and have just launched some Limited Edition prints as well, pieces that are signed and available in limited numbers.

Our Open Edition prints are available in various sizes. We also offer three different presentations: full size, white margin, and passepartout margin. No matter size or style, you can get your print tailored exactly how you want it.

We exclusively use acid-free paper made from 100% alpha cellulose or textile fibres/cotton. As for our supplier, we only work with the German paper manufacturer Hahnemühle. Hahnemühle has produced paper for over 400 years and is a name synonymous with high quality. They are, if you ask us, the best choice when it comes to high quality paper for fine art printing.

All of our Open Edition prints comes on a matte 210g paper, made of 100% alpha-cellulose. It has a smooth surface texture and this high quality paper allows for excellent colour reproduction and clarity. Limited Edition prints are produced on Hahnemühle’s most exclusive cotton-based papers.

It is our mission to deliver quality prints that do justice to the art of our photographers, both in terms of image quality and lifespan. For our most exclusive prints, we’re talking potentially of a lifespan over generations properly handled. Whether you buy a print from our Open Edition collection or a more exclusive print from one of our Limited collections, we guarantee a lot of quality for your money.

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