Amanda Gylling

Amanda Gylling is the dancer who found a new calling in life through photography. Her interest in all things visual grew when social media boomed and the passion struck her like lightning. She started to photograph digitally but a few years ago she wished for an analogue camera, she ended up getting five different cameras by loved ones and it literally said click. Nowadays, Amanda is almost exclusively shooting on film. She describes her style as playful and personal, where forms are in focus and light & shadow play is a common feature.

She is a Stockholm native with a great love for nature. Amanda is one of those people who is impossible not to like, who seems to see and take in her surroundings more than others – which also characterizes her motifs and adds an extra layer of emotions to her images. By using the frame of the lens she plays with the object to create interesting compositions, what is visible through the lens is as important as what is just outside of it. She also likes when “things are a bit strange”. The motif should preferably not be completely self-evident, but have something – a shadow, a form or an interesting expression – that makes you as an observer look an extra time.

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