Åsa Liffner

“Shapes, textures and light that accentuate or conceal. The material I’m shooting is always central. What’s actually in front of the camera is almost secondary.” The words come from Åsa Liffner and are telling. She shoots everything from architecture and interior design to food and still life with a strongly developed visual aesthetics. By exposing herself to new situations and thus keep the mind wander is her way of constantly evolving. Something that has led to an international career with a great deal of variety both in terms of assignments and clients.

Åsa studied photography in England and took a master’s degree at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. Subsequently, her professional career as copyist for architectural photographer Max Plunger began. From the darkroom she moved on to practical photo studies in Gamleby, Sweden, which then led to an employment at the production company Gabriel Uggla in Stockholm. There, Åsa worked for a number of years against major Swedish actors in fashion and lifestyle such as Acne, Filippa K and Synsam before starting her own shop in 2011. Åsa’s sense of capturing light and ability to create images that you want to live in or eat from has made her a sought-after photographer with clients such as Modernity Stockholm, SvD, At Six, and Maria Nila.

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