Lisa Olsson

Lisa Olsson is the definition of a personal brand. She is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs, where creativity and innovation always are in focus. Every day she inspires nearly half a million followers through her Instagram channel with images that would be equally at home in a major fashion magazine. She is her own editor, stylist, model, photographer, retoucher and art director. A one-woman fashion magazine, if you will.

As early as 15, Lisa showed a passion for photography and she began to photograph, edit and publish her own content. Today, a full nine years later, she runs one of Sweden’s largest blogs & Instagram channels. She works with brands like H&M, Dior, & Other Stories & Lack Of Colors. If you ask her, Lisa says she would probably have become an architect or interior designer if she hadn’t ended up working in fashion as she has always been interested in colour, shape and structures. In the end, her passion to capture the perfect photograph prevailed – both in front of and behind the camera.

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