Osman Tahir

Osman Tahir is a self-taught photographer with a unique sense for colour and form. To create is Osman’s passion and when he is not photographing he likes to paint. Usually with watercolor or charcoal, whatever method he always tends to paint in black. Which in many ways is telling. His love for simplicity and minimalism generally permeates his creations. His talent when it comes to appealing compositions and capturing light has, with time, also made him a sought-after interior photographer. Today he works with clients like IKEA, Nordiska Kök and Cooee Design, among others.

The passion for photography grew strong already at a young age. During his childhood in southern Sweden, he had a tendency to constantly document his surroundings. And if you ask Osman, curiosity has in many ways taken him to where he is today. After a number of years of experimenting behind the camera, and one or two detours later, he was finally able to make a living of his photography. His talent in portraying everyday objects and settings does not only come in handy in his commercial assignments, but also in the creation of his photo art. Osman’s photographic still life, which is now being sold for the first time via Moutife, shows his ability to bring out the beauty in the most elementary setting in a timeless manner.

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