Ragnar Ómarsson

Direct. Distinct. Minimalistic. When Ragnar Ómarsson, known for his commercial assignments for companies such as IKEA, Ballingslöv and H&M Home as well as editorial images for magazines like Elle Decoration and Residence takes the plunge into the world of photo art, it’s these three words that best describe his photographs. Now as he goes from the professional, structured campaigns with large teams to the art of simple objects and natural light. That he has a special sense for interior design and timeless Scandinavian design is something that is clearly expressed through his motifs.

Born and raised in Reykjavik he made his way via Florence, where he met his wife Ebba, to Stockholm. During Ragnar’s first year in Stockholm, he attended GFU (now Stockholm’s photo school) and then worked as an assistant before testing his own wings. With accuracy, patience and calm he has been praised for his lighting and his ability to create emotions in pictures, even when the objects are not alive. Art photography is a road he has long wanted to try, but he has let it mature – until now. The light in his works is as always in focus, but now we’ll see it in a completely different way.

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