Victor Falk

Victor Falk grew up in the countryside outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, where his interest in observing and documenting his surroundings developed at an early age. In Victor’s case, the surroundings were typically Swedish countryside characterized by coniferous forests, wild meadows, lakes and streams. To spend time in nature, usually only with the camera as company, has since been a central part of his life. He describes himself as the curious observer and sees his images as small windows of a large landscape.

Professionally, Victor works as a freelance interior photographer, working with a broad range of clients such as interior designers and interior brands. His predilection for the minimalistic Scandinavian style, which he works with daily, is also in a way expressed in his nature photographs. Always focusing on the details and often in barren surroundings, in order to bring out the beauty in simplicity. Victor has previously sold artworks which portrayed selected places along Sweden’s west coast. Now, via Moutife, we get a chance to take part of more photographs from his archive.

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