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From the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to the Forbidden City Museum in Beijing, the world's leading museums trust Artglass to preserve and showcase their artworks. We are thrilled to now offer you the same state-of-the-art glazing at Moutife!

Introducing invisible glazing from Artglass marks an important step in our strive to offer the best products available and never compromise on quality. Artglass drives innovation and sets new benchmarks in terms of quality and visual presentation of artworks.

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We constantly work to minimize our ecological impact across all facets of our business. In production, we strive to use recyclable and eco-friendly materials only, concurrently establishing sustainable production processes.
When you, as a consumer, purchase an art print from us, 1% of the sales will be donated to WWF's Climate Recovery Fund. A simple way that we, together, can compensate for negative environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint.
Providing lasting quality artwork and frames is in a way environmentally friendly in itself. Unlike consumables or products with shorter life cycles, sustainable quality that can be used and reused leaving a significantly lower carbon footprint over time.

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