The fine art print monument no. 56, by christian svinddal shown in an inspirational interior design setting.

Limited Edition Artworks

A limited edition art print ensures exclusivity, exceptional materials and craftmanship, while also presenting the opportunity for long-term investment. Please be aware that limited edition pieces may sell out quickly and/or be available for a limited time only.

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Signed Fredrik Etoall

Few photographers have shaped Sweden’s contemporary popular culture as Fredrik Etoall. Another thing he helped shape is Moutife, both as an advisor and as an artist. His photographs is frequently exhibited and attracts buyers from around the world.

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The fine art print self-portrait, by lisa olsson shown in an inspirational interior design setting.
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We constantly work to minimize our ecological impact across all facets of our business. In production, we strive to use recyclable and eco-friendly materials only, concurrently establishing sustainable production processes.
When you, as a consumer, purchase an art print from us, 1% of the sales will be donated to WWF's Climate Recovery Fund. A simple way that we, together, can compensate for negative environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint.
Providing lasting quality artwork and frames is in a way environmentally friendly in itself. Unlike consumables or products with shorter life cycles, sustainable quality that can be used and reused will leave a lower carbon footprint over time.

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