Terms & Conditions.


1.1 These general terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply when you purchase a product from moutife.com or through any of the associated sub-domains such as moutife.se (all of which are hereafter referred to as “the Website”). An agreement is made between you as the customer (“you” or “the customer”) and Moutife AB, organization number 559127-7495 (“Moutife”).

1.2 In order to place an order via the Website, you must be at least 18 years of age and accept these Terms. By accepting these Terms you agree to comply with these Terms and also confirms that you have read and understood the information about the handling of personal data and that you consent to the use of personal data and cookies as stated in Moutife’s Privacy Policy.

1.3 The purchase agreement between you and Moutife is concluded when we confirm your order and you receive an order confirmation email from us. You are advised to save this order confirmation for reference in case you need to contact Moutife’s customer service team in the future.

1.4 When you place an order, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide.

1.5 You can find information relating to our processing of your personal data in Moutife’s Privacy Policy, set forth here.

1.6 You can find contact details and other information relating to Moutife under the About Us section on the Website.


2.1 When ordering via the Website, prices stated on the Website apply. All prices are stated incl. VAT. Prices do not include eventual payment and/or shipping fees. These costs are calculated separately and will be clearly stated at the checkout before you place your order.

2.2 The various options for payment are shown at checkout when you place your order. Moutife is entitled to charge you in connection with the order, unless payment by invoice or another similar payment method has been selected by you and has been approved by Moutife.

2.3 In case of invoice payment or payment in instalments, Moutife or its partners may obtain a third party credit report. If so, you will be informed of this.


Moutife reserves the right to discontinue any discounts and promotions that are offered through the website at any time. All offers and campaigns presented on the Website are valid for a limited time and are, in some cases, dependent on stock availability.


4.1 The expected delivery time for our products are stated on the product page and/or at the checkout page on the Website. Goods are usually delivered within the expected delivery time. Unless delivery time is expressly agreed and if a delivery is delayed for more than 30 working days, and it’s not due to circumstances attributable to you, you are entitled to cancel the purchase.

4.2 Packages that shall be picked up from a collection point must be collected within the time specified in the delivery notification. In most cases, packages must be collected personally (bring valid ID and have the delivery notification and order number ready). You will receive notification that will show where and when packages should be collected. Notification may be by e-mail, regular mail or, if you have entered a mobile number, by phone call or text message. If you do not collect your package, Moutife is entitled to charge you a fee of 15 Euro.


5.1 In accordance with current consumer protection legislation for EU-countries, a 14-day withdrawal period applies to the purchase of goods online. This means that the customer has the right to cancel any purchase by notifying Moutife within 14 days of receipt of the product by you or an agent (the so-called “withdrawal period”), provided that your product is not an exception to the right of withdrawal under section 5.2 below.

5.2 Note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to products that are manufactured on demand and/or customized according to your instructions. Most prints sold by Moutife are printed on demand, however in case of our Open Edition prints we have decided to offer our customers a right of withdrawal. If you have questions about the right of withdrawal or are dissatisfied with your product, please do not hesitate to contact Moutife’s customer service team using the contact details provided on the Website and we will assist you.

5.3 If you wish to use your right of withdrawal, you must send written notification to Moutife before the end of the withdrawal period as detailed above. You must provide your name, address, order number and other relevant information, such as the order number, invoice number and name of the item in the message. More information about returns can be found here. If you prefer not to use the above way of contacting us regarding your right of withdrawal, you may use the standard form for the right of withdrawal provided by the National Board for Consumer Policies.

5.4 When exercising your right of withdrawal, you must pay for the return of the goods and you are responsible for the condition of said goods from the time you received them as well as during the return shipping. The item must be shipped for return within 30 days from the date when you notify Moutife of your intention to exercise your right of withdrawal. The product should be carefully packed for shipping.

5.5 If you have correctly exercised your right of withdrawal, Moutife will refund the amount you paid for the item, including delivery costs. Exceptions apply to any shipping costs attributable to a different delivery method than the standard delivery offered by Moutife, if you opted to use such a delivery method. When returning only part of a purchase, the delivery cost will not be refunded. Please note that Moutife is entitled to deduct a sum from the amount to be refunded corresponding to the product’s depreciation compared to the item’s original value, if and to the extent that such depreciation is due to the fact that you have handled the goods to a greater extent than is necessary to determine the item’s characteristics or function. Moutife will send the refund no later than 14 days from the date that Moutife receives the returned item. The refund will be made to you via the payment option that you selected, provided that no other agreement has been made, and providing that there is nothing preventing such a refund being made.


6.1 You have the right to complaint in case your product is defective according to applicable consumer legislation. If you wish to file a complaint, please contact us as soon as possible after the deficiency has been detected using the contact details provided on the Website.

6.2 In case a complaint is approved, Moutife will compensate you in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation. Moutife reserves the right to deny a complaint if it appears that the product is not defective in accordance with applicable consumer legislation. Upon complaints Moutife complies with the guidelines provided by the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints or the corresponding authorities in other European countries.


Moutife cannot be held responsible for delays caused by circumstances that Moutife has no control over. This may include strikes, extreme weather, terrorist attacks and serious technical issues such as electrical, telephone or data connection problems, or other communication problems that are outside Moutife’s control.


8.1 Moutife reserves the right to, if needed, reject or amend your order. This may for example occur if you have provided incorrect personal details or incorrect information connected to your order.

8.2 Moutife reservs the right to reject or amend an order subject to inaccuracies, such as incorrect prices or incorrect information relating to stock levels. If an clearly incorrect price has been specified for a product that you have ordered, Moutife will contact you to come to an agreement on how to proceed with the order.

8.2 The Website, including all its content, is owned by Moutife, its licensors or its partners. Material on the Website is thus protected by intellectual property and marketing law regulation. This means that images, graphics, designs and layouts as well as information about goods, services and other content may not be copied or used without permission from Moutife. Moutife is not responsible for information on the Website coming from third parties.

8.3 Nothing stated in these Terms affects the mandatory statutory rights of consumers under any applicable local laws, to the extent that such rights apply and cannot be limited or excluded.


Moutife reserves the right to make changes to these Terms at any time. Such changes will be published on the Website. Changes apply from the date of you accepting the Terms (in conjunction with a new purchase or while visiting the Website) or 30 days after Moutife has informed you of the changes.


If a competent court, authority or arbitration panel finds that any provision of these Terms is invalid or non-enforceable, such provision and all other provisions shall be applicable and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law. The provisions declared void or unenforceable will be replaced by relevant legal guidance and advice.


11.1 Disputes shall primarily be settled by agreement after discussions with Moutife’s customer service team.

11.2 If a dispute cannot be resolved through discussions with Moutife’s customer service team, customers within EU hold the right to make a complaint directly online through the EU Commission’s Dispute Settlement Platform. You can find this platform through the following link http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. If you file a complaint through this platform, your case will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate national body for dispute resolution. This dispute resolution body will then contact us and try to resolve the dispute without the need for a court to be involved. Moutife always follows the decision of a competent Dispute Settlement Body.

11.3 Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms shall be settled as determined under the sections above in this section 11 or ultimately by the courts.

11.4 These Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law provided that there is no applicable mandatory law which prescribes otherwise.

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