Felicia Masalla

Felicia Masalla has already found her calling in her early twenties. She has a very clear vision with her photography and describes it best herself. “My passion lies in portraying inspiring women of all different ethnicities. I strive to portray us as we are, not as society expects us to be. In the future, I dream of continuing to create photos that I hope will help change our media landscape and how women are portrayed.”

Felicia grew up in Stockholm, Sweden but now resides in Bali and splits her time between the two countries. She works as a full-time photographer with clients such as Levis & ELLE Sweden and is living her dream. She shoots fashion & lifestyle commercially. Based in Bali, she has attracted interest from several Australian fashion brands like Zulu & Zephyr and Hara the label, who has become regular clients. Felicia is primarily inspired by other young female photographers who have succeeded in a previously very male-dominated industry, such as Carlotta Guerrero & Renell Medrano.

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