Martin Wichardt

Martin grew up in a small town in the middle of Sweden, far from high mountains and big waves. Despite this, snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding became a big part of his life early on. The lifestyle sparked an interest in photography, as it became an alternative way of expressing himself. After a few years and laps around the world, Martin applied to Kulturama’s photographic art education in the autumn of 2009.

After two years of study, Martin went on to assist a number of well-established advertising and fashion photographers while exploring and developing his own photographic expression. Looking at Martin’s photographs today, the light is often leading and the feeling superior to the subject. As he puts it himself. “For me, a strong image is a strong image and it doesn’t really matter if it is an explosive movement or a still portrait. It’s all about the feeling “. Martin moves seamlessly between different photographic genres, he does everything from sports and lifestyle campaigns to more documentary and editorial jobs, and has clients such as Nike, Peak Performance and Volkswagen. Always with the same curiosity, energy and feeling in the photographs.

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