Family Food Market by artist Niklas Porter in size 40x50 cm. Affordable art sold in Open Edition.

Family Food Market by Niklas Porter



Shot in Las Vegas, Nevada by Niklas Porter. A city associated with abundance, luxury and pleasure. But not far from “The Strip”, Niklas found another part of Vegas characterized by poverty, addiction and a sense of desperation. At the same time, this part of the city does not try to be anything else than what it is despite its apparent flaws.

Niklas Porter is the modest observer who finds beauty with his Leica M2 in even the most casual of scenarios, moments others would pass by without a second glance. Read more about Niklas here.

Photo art in colour, landscape orientation.

All photo art we offer is produced in our certified Hahnemühle studio. Hahnemühle is an industry-leading German paper manufacturer known for their high-quality art materials. This artwork is offered in Open Edition, making it possible for us and the artist to offer this art print at such an affordable price without compromising on quality. Open Edition means that the artwork is not produced in a limited and predetermined number of copies.

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