The White Skirt by artist Felicia Masalla in size 40x50 cm. Affordable art sold in Open Edition.

The White Skirt by Felicia Masalla


Svart signatur av Felicia Masalla

Shot by Felicia Masalla in Stockholm, 2021. "I want to capture the female body as I see it. Beyond objectification and sexualization. I want it to just be. Take it to a place far from the making and portray the being." - Felicia

Felicia Masalla is passionate about portraying women of all different ethnicities. She strives to depict women as they are and not as society expects them to be. Read more about Felicia here.

Photo art in black and white, portrait orientation.

All photo art we offer is produced in our certified Hahnemühle studio. Hahnemühle is an industry-leading German paper manufacturer known for their high-quality art materials. This artwork is offered in Open Edition, making it possible for us and the artist to offer this art print at such an affordable price without compromising on quality. Open Edition means that the artwork is not produced in a limited and predetermined number of copies.

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