Photographer and influencer Michaela Wissén

Michaela Wissén


Michaela Wissén is something of a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Natural, effortless and in-the-moment are a good description of both her photographic style and personality. A strive to capture uncomplicated and genuine moments are clearly visible in her photographs. Natural light stands out as one of the prime elements of her images, an element which she has fully mastered. She prefers to shoot analogue on her many journeys, both for the look of it and the process – taking her time to carefully create her photographs.
Natural, effortless, and in-the-moment are good descriptions of both her photographic style and personality
Michaela was born in Sweden but raised in both Connecticut and Stockholm. She’s spent the last decade in Los Angeles & New York — when she isn’t travelling the world. The camera is Michaela’s constant companion as she splits her time between photo jobs for different clients, creating content for her popular Instagram account and not the least creating photo art for us to admire.


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